Differences Between Personal Loan And Payday Loan – Which Is The Better Choice?

Both payday loans and personal loans serve the purpose of helping. especially with your present-day financial challenges. Even so, it is crucial for you to know the type of loan you need. In knowing whether payday loan or personal loan will serve your needs. It makes it easy since they each have various policies.

Generally, payday loans are very short-term loans. These loans are guaranteed using the next paycheck. Usually, payday lenders are very eager to provide the “band-aid” solution. Since this will help serve your financial emergency. It comes with rates of interest that are normally rather high.

On the other hand personal loans are mostly for larger loan amounts. This way they will actually provide a solution to most of your present financial problems. They are then repaid in instalments for a longer time. Licensed moneylenders provide personal loans to assist you. More so begin a journey towards financial recovery. This is instead of getting you into despair and more debt.

Usually, borrowers make use of personal loans or payday loans. Especially when they are facing emergency situations like medical bills, other urgent needs include credit card bills, electrical bills, school fees, and renovation loans etc.

Often for the payday loans, borrowers usually suddenly run into unexpected expenses. This comes from your next paycheck. Thus they will need the extra money to get them to cope. That is until their next month’s pay is credited to their bank account.

Aside from the key differences between payday and personal loans. There are more differences that set these two loan options apart.

Repayment Period

In most cases, personal loans have longer repayment periods. These range from some months to 1 year or even 2 years. In contrast, the payment tenure for payday loans might be short starting from a week. Given that most payday loans carry repayment time lasting almost 2 weeks.

In addition, the payday loans permit borrowers who are not able to repay fully. They can “renew” the loan after the end of every pay period. This they do by pitting in a token payment. This is aimed at only covering a part of the interests on the payday loan. These renewals help extend your loan, which means that the two-week loan will end up carrying several months. This could even end up taking over a year for your loan to be fully settled. Based on a research report issued by the CFPB, it stated that the ordinary borrower would get stuck in the cycle for about 5 months.

Co-signer or Collateral

When you are applying for personal loans. You will not need to offer any type of collateral for you to access a loan. For this reason, personal loans generally may be considered as unsecured loans. This is because the accredited moneylender does not get any item/asset to hold onto. This could be items from a borrower’s personal possessions. But then, the payday loan will require a borrower to submit a post-dated cheque.

This will normally be left to the licensed moneylender. This amount normally will include the borrowed amount plus the interest fees. Soon after your monthly pay has arrived, your loan provider can now deposit the cheque. This is usually on the company’s account. Though personal loans will seem more attractive since no security is required. The payday loan will be more suitable for a borrower who needs a reminder to repay the loan punctually.

Though there are some credit unions and banks that will require borrowers. Those that have a poor credit rating to have a creditworthy co-signer. On the other hand, payday loans will not require any co-signers. However, a number of payday lenders will ask borrowers to provide a list of references. This is together with their bank and employment information.

Credit Rating

Since the personal loans are short-term unsecured loans. Your loan providers have to assess your credit rating. This way they will evaluate the chances of ending up with bad debts. Soon after they have looked at your credit rating. The lender is now well-positioned to examine whether you are able to repay the loan. This they also consider if you get to repay the set due date. On the other hand, when you request for a payday loan. Your loan provider may usually not assess your credit rating. This is because the post-dated cheque presented to the lender serves as a type of payment in advance. Hence, borrowers who would like to save this hassle of getting their ratings getting checked. Then for such borrowers, the payday loan could be the better choice.


Another good reason when choosing between a payday loan and personal loan is your work. When you do not hold full-time employment or are a businessperson. Then is this case a personal loan would be the better option for you. This is because you do not need to offer any security to your loan provider.

Even so, when you hold a permanent full-time job. Then taking out the payday loan can be a good solution. This is because you can submit a post-dated cheque. This will act as your collateral and you will not have your credit score checked by the lender.

Ultimately, your choice of the type of loan to use will depend on your present financial situation. This will play a role in determining if the payday loan or personal loan is the best choice. All the same, when taking out a loan from the money lending institutions. You will need to manage your payments properly. This is because any mismanagement will result in you incurring more charges. At the same time, you will get a low credit score, as it will reduce your opportunity to get your loans getting approved again.

Even with the loans available to you. Do consider other loan possibilities. This could be credit card debt, personal loans, and maybe cash advances prior to taking a payday loan, when you find out that you are using payday loans to frequent. Then you should seriously reconsider your current financial priorities. From them do your best to put your finances back in order.