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Money Lender Singapore | Licensed Moneylender – Singapore Business Directory is dedicated to offer unbiased customer reviews of all businesses.


Your Trusted and Reliable Directory for Licensed Money Lenders and personal loans found in Singapore. We assist you to find the most competitive and the best loans with best interests from Licensed Money Lender found in Singapore.

Singapore’s Moneylender.Loan Directory is devoted to providing the best moneylender reviews. And also make comparisons of the various personal loan offers. All loan service providers listed here are all licensed under the Singaporean Moneylenders Act and each complies with the rules set out by the Moneylenders Registry. We have combined the reviews of all the moneylenders in one place thus making it simple for you to decide on the best loan option available for you.

It is difficult for anyone to know when emergency expenses may come up. In truth, it is a lot more difficult for you to be too certain about your finances bearing in mind the current tough economy. When the times are hard for you financially, and you urgently need to locate the right legal money lender for your financial needs, it helps that you consult a reliable directory.

One that features all the highly regarded credit and personal loan providers found in Singapore. This always takes the stress off you while you are searching for approved moneylenders that are available for you in Singapore.

Trusted And Reliable

Moneylender.Loan is the most trusted and reliable directory for with a list of all the legal and licensed moneylenders found in Singapore. We offer information about the financial institutions available in Singapore that provide short-term business loans offers, cash credits services and personal loans for your financial concerns.

Although we do not offer the loans ourselves, our resourceful moneylender’s directory listing will assist all potential borrowers who may be in the search to get and consult legitimate and reliable moneylenders in Singapore.

For those borrowers who have limited ideas about how personal loans business works in the market, it can be a challenge for them to manage and also be able to choose the best opportunity for accessing a suitable loan. You will need to dedicate a lot of time doing research work and gathering endless information on different cash loans and even short-term loans offered by authorized money lenders within Singapore and you will also need to make certain that you find the lowest licensed money lender interest rate and the best terms possible to suit your financial needs.

Not to mention the long process of doing researches for the reliable and accredited moneylender available in Singapore with our assistance. We provide you with endless choices of Singapore’s reputable moneylender’s list at your fingertips for easy access.

All you have to do is use our directory to help you find the money lender of your choice and then read up the reviews provided by their past customers.

Get Reliable Licensed Moneylenders In Singapore

Once you confirm that the moneylender is licensed under the Registry of Moneylenders in Singapore-IPTO, you will have confidence in the legal operations and standing of the money lending institution. Luckily, only reputable and licensed moneylenders are listed on our website. This is since we intend to look after your best interest during the tough financial situation you currently find yourself in.

Compare Terms And Rates Offered By The Different Moneylenders

It is important to note that all private money lenders in Singapore are not equal. Though each of them may be approved to run their business, it is expected that each offers varied terms and rates for each of their loans. Bearing this in mind, it’s very important that you shop around and compare rates offered before returning the loan application to the moneylender of your choice. This way you will save yourself from paying high-interest rates that will only put you into more financial constraints in future.

Easy And Safe Ways Of Borrowing Money

Using unreliable sources will lead you to borrow money from unlicensed and illegal moneylenders. This will potentially cause you lots of trouble and even lead to more financial complications. Once you visit our website and start your search, you are assured that we only give up-to-date and accurate information about the legal and approved moneylenders in Singapore. This is why we are offering you help during this important time of your need.

Get Relevant Finance And Credit Management Method

During the tough times, one thing you need is guidelines on how you can manage your finances and credit to help you avoid getting more financial problems in the future. While you look through our website, you will find numerous financial management tips that will be quite useful when you wish to make your credit standing better.

Have Peace Of Mind Knowing That Your Personal Details Are Protected

We recognize how significant it is for you to protect your personal details, mostly as you are revealing your details online. Once you input your crucial personal details on our website, your details stay well-protected from other persons. This is our sincere way of protecting our clients as they go about searching through our site for the right money lenders to help them meet their financial needs.

Review The Provided Listings

Find valuable feedback about listings and also inform other borrowers about your experiences in leaving reviews on lenders you have worked with. Sincere and real-time feedback from other borrowers allows you to gauge which moneylenders are more suitable for your financial needs. This also allows money lender businesses be vigilant as regards the services they offer in exchange for good reviews as well as reputation.

How We Can Offer You Assistance

We don’t offer money lending services, but we help borrowers find the right lenders that are able to offer them loans. The lender offers the customer with a contract that fully reveals the correct interests, fees, conditions and terms related to the loan and based on information given by the client. Loan particulars between the borrower and the lender remain with the money lender. We, however, do not promise that borrowers will get loan offers or their applications will be approved for loans.


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